Un anno di poesie e molto altro (Italian Edition)

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In quella stessa occasione Mario e Marisa si recano presso il Villaggio dei Pescatori a Fregene, vicino Roma, e Claudio Abate scatta una sequenza in cui Mario si muove sul bagnasciuga con le coperte di Marisa, che saranno poi esposte in mostra presso il garage di Sargentini. A year after its opening in the historic building that was known for half a century as the Whitney Museum , The MET Breuer continues presenting modern and contemporary art from all over the world.

All of these household objects have a different meaning; when they enter into the museum they harken back to the studio and the space where Marisa still works today. The imperceptible and delusive dimensions of the works being shown, highlighted by the space in which they are shown, is something that is very vivid and tangible. They present an intriguing aesthetic that is both provocative and seductive.

Before becoming an artist, Merz was a woman, a wife, and a mother. She married painter, sculptor, and exponent of Arte Povera, Mario Merz, and the two would go on to live a life between art and experimentation. Their daughter, Beatrice, was a source of inspiration in their everyday lives.

In fact, as Ian Alteveer explained to us, a domestic and biographical aspect emerged in her works. It contains bended sheets of aluminum that hang from the ceiling and twist and turn in a smooth, undulating manner. In reality, organizing this show was like adapting to the studio-atelier where Marisa lives and works in Turin. You could also find them behind the stove. For me to know Marisa Merz personally and to have spent time with her has been very important in truly understanding who she is and how she lives.

Another practical aspect of Marisa Merz is writing and her love for classic Italian literature. These have both been a part of the creative process in all aspects. It shows us the domestic dimension and the types of work that she did during the time when her daughter was growing up.

With Merz, the idea of eternity always returns in a cyclical manner.

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In some cases they were poems that were sporadically published, show catalogs, and collections of Italian writers from the 60s and 70s. But none of these has ever been translated into English. The artist boarded a Cessna FG and communicated her altitude via radio.

Mario remained on the ground and listened, and Sargentini jotted-down notes on paper.

The photographer Claudio Abate documented everything in a series of photographs. Marisa Merz, Mario Merz, and Fabio Sargentini can be seen in the photos, and the paper where Sargentini recorded the flight altitudes can also be seen. The show at the MET Breuer absolutely demonstrates this lifestyle. While not in the center of Rome, it is almost halfway between the airport and the city on the main highway.

Sports,Entertainment, and Architecture Dan Meis is a renowned American architect with over 30 years of experience under his belt. He owns studios in Los Angeles and New York that serve many locations around the world. Raised in a small city in Colorado, Meis quickly became enthralled with the world of sports.

He was also equally attracted to the physical look of stadiums, the symbolism attached to them and the way spectators get swept up in a game. I love working around the world and having the opportunity to engage in the culture and passion of local fans. From the Colosseum to the Stadium When looking at designs for the stadium it is hard not to note its resemblance to the Colosseum, the most important Roman amphitheater and the symbol of Rome itself.

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The travertine would be quarried from the very same mountains that provided the stone for the Colosseum. In the end we hope we have created something very contemporary but that fits comfortably with the iconic monuments of Rome. Tor di Valle may feel peripheral now, but thanks to the Stadio, it should soon become both a sporting hub and an artistic and cultural center operational seven days a week. Picture a magazine or book whose cover struck you. Pick it up and flip through it. How many times did you feel attached to the memory of that image and think about how much that book, or that story, allowed you to feel something?

The smell, the font, and the graphics of a text are all necessary ingredients for the gluttonous bibliophile. But how important is the creative component, hidden behind the written word, in publishing and journalism? In the last few years, particularly in , illustration and design have had significant resonance.

CAPO PLAZA - Giovane Fuoriclasse (prod. AVA)

From exhibits of the work of Italian illustrators curated by Melania Gazzotti to the detailed studies at the Italian Cultural Institute , there has been a drive to recognize the field. At the Society of Illustrators , continues Imbert, illustrators are chosen from a diverse pool from all over the world, but it is the names of the Italians that stand out.

Recently one of the shows had Stefano Delli Veneri , Chiara Vercesi , and the Balbusso sisters as some of the biggest names. For ten years, Stefano Salis has been writing a column called Cover Story in which he describes a book cover and explains its success and how it functions in terms of visible grammar.

This is one aspect of my positive outlook. In the early s an important publishing house like Guanda decided to trust its graphic restyling effort to an important designer and illustrator, in this case Guido Scarabottolo , who was able to effectively use pencils and paint brushes as new technologies. The graphic impact had very simple illustrations on the cover, different from the vivid illustrations of Ferec Pinter, and it encouraged other editors to follow suit.

We are living in an era where creativity exists alongside technology, where a piece of paper can easily be substituted by a drawing tablet. Imbert finds the union of traditional and digital media, including Photoshop, very fascinating.

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However, paper is always the starting point. Understanding where the traditional intersects with technology has become a game of sorts for the artist, resulting unprecedented ways of working. Rather, we should use apps that, instead of goods, can be substituted with content from books. In the environment in which we are living now, illustration has been transformed into interior design, technology has become the new paintbrush and the cover of a book the new canvas.

Last but not least, the Foundation is an incubator of innovative projects intended to promote its own members and the Italian economy as a whole, both nationally and internationally. How are your ideas born? Italian high-end products and services today are in a stage of regeneration that is both delicate and full of opportunities. This regeneration is a result of both the economic situation and of the ever-changing global society. Today the typical high- end consumer is more mature and pays more attention to the intrinsic values of the product, such as manufacturing quality and exclusivity, at the expense of the superficial values, such as the logo.

People are also paying more attention to sustainability issues. It was created by the Altagamma Foundation and is located in the heart of Milan, next to famous opera theatre La Scala.

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It is a perfect example of the synergy between the creative industry and the worlds of art, culture, and food. Highlighting the best that Italy has to offer is crucial to promote both our industry and the country as a whole. The other big project we are working on has to do with the area of professional training. We named it Scuola del Saper Fare Italiano.

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The United States will always be the best market in the world for high-end products, accounting for almost 80 billion Euros in US consumers are among the most demanding and sophisticated in the world. Michela, you are an Italian artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I was born and raised in Italy. I moved to NYC thirteen years ago. I consider illustration to be my main background. Although I made ends meet to adequately survive in this jungle, I truly never lost focus of my main goal, which is doing what I love to do.

We all grew up with that song. What is the meaning of the book? Its as easily understood as it is popular because of its simple but powerful message about what we care about in life. All of us, indistinctly, no matter what our walk of life is, we are all searching for happiness. Would you consider this book to be bilingual? Is the audience for children or adults? But the concept of happiness does not target a specific age Each illustration is a visual representation of each aphorism. The main character of these illustrations is a simple figure of a sweet stylized man with a red heart drawn on his t-shirt.

Does he embark with the readers on this wonderland journey?