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There are six species of sloth, and they come in two varieties: two-toed and three-toed. Three-toed sloths are about the size of a medium-sized dog at around 23 to 27 inches 58 to 68 cm and The two-toed sloths are slightly bigger than the three-toed sloths, though they share many of the same features. Thousands of years ago, sloths were much larger , according to the San Diego Zoo. Ancient sloths could grow to be as large as an elephant.

They roamed North America and became extinct around 10, years ago. Sloths have an average life span of 20 to 30 years in the wild, but captive sloths tend to live a bit longer.

Three Toed Box Turtle – Terrapene carolina triunguis

In , a captive sloth at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia died at age Compared with most mammals, sloths move very slowly. It takes them about a minute to climb only 6 to 8 feet 1.

Sloths may be slow climbers, but they are speedy swimmers. Because sloths inhabit rainforests prone to seasonal flooding, the ability to swim is essential to their survival. Swimming also offers sloths a means of covering more ground in less time when searching for a mate or scoping out new territory, according to Azula , a nonprofit ocean news organization.

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Sloths are solitary creatures that rarely interact with one another outside of breeding season. But sloths have little time to feel lonely given their rigorous sleep schedule. Captive sloths typically sleep for 15 to 20 hours per day, while wild sloths rarely rest for more than 10 hours, according to research by the Planck Institute for Ornithology in Starnberg, Germany. Sloths prefer sleeping while curled into a ball in the fork of a tropical tree.

They also like to sleep hanging by their claws from tree branches. Though their ancestors lived in North America, modern sloths live in Central and South America, enjoying the tall trees found in rain, cloud and mangrove forests.

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Most sloths will occupy several trees during their lifetime, but some, including the three-toed species, may spend their entire lives in the tree they were born in, according to Bradley Trevor Greive's book, " Priceless: The Vanishing Beauty of A Fragile Planet " Andrews McMeel Publishing, For the most part, a sloth's life revolves around sleeping and eating in its tree homes.

Ongoing destruction and fragmentation of its habitat, exploitation for food, the presence of feral cats, and lack of sufficient legal protection for pygmy three-toed sloths and their habitat have caused a sharp decrease in its population. While their native island is uninhabited, seasonal visitors, including fishermen, lobster divers, and indigenous people, have been known to hunt the sloths.

An attempt to export eight pygmy sloths by the Dallas World Aquarium in was thwarted after local environmentalists, police, indigenous groups, and Panamanian authorities negotiated the surrender of the sloths from aquarium representatives. At least two of the captured sloths died prior to release. The most recent data on these sloths is disheartening, indicating there may be only 48 left—a significant decrease from the last estimate of 79 in In June , AWI received a positive day finding on its petition.

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Nick Griffiths, 46, was forced to drop out of the Yukon Arctic Ultra in February last year due to severe frostbite which caused his toes to turn black and need amputating. While receiving emergency treatment in a Canadian hospital, a nurse told the dad-of- two about the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, which is famous for serving up the 'Sourtoe' cocktail. Nick liked the idea so much he asked UK doctors who amputated his toes to let him keep them so he could mail them to the bar.

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  7. Just when he had begun to fear they had been intercepted by customs, Nick was told that the toes had arrived safely at the hotel and were being prepared for the Sourtoe Cocktail. The hotel will now fly Nick out so he and his family can enjoy drinking the cocktails - which consist of any strong liquor with a human toe submerged in it.

    It'd be great if my daughters came too. Amy is 22 and Hannah is 18 so they're both old enough to try it. The one rule is: 'you can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe'.

    Critical Component Wear in Heavy Duty Engines

    The toes were preserved in alcohol by Nick's bedside and had to be completely mummified for six weeks before being shipped 3, miles back to Canada. Nick, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: 'After the amputation surgery, they actually gave me my toes back in three small jars. He found it quite amusing. The staff are looking into how I can send them. More than , people have joined the official Sourtoe Cocktail Club so far, by allowing the toe to touch their lips as they drink.

    The former Royal Marine wants to donate the unsightly organs to a bar, so they can be used in a macabre cocktail. Last week doctors were forced to remove three of Nick's irreparably damaged toes, but Griffiths soon found a bizarre new home for his blackened appendages - the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada has been quietly serving alcoholic drinks with severed toes in the bottom since Nick Griffiths treats his feet after suffering frostbite at the end of a mile ultra-marathon in Canada.

    Nick said: 'It's quite a novelty.


    When I was in Whitehorse before the race there was a poster up in the hotel saying, 'when in the Yukon, make sure you visit Downtown Hotel - home of the world famous Sourtoe Cocktail'. They've had 10 toes over the years and they have a bit on the wall about how the toe came to be there and who donated it. I know someone stole it, then returned it. Another swallowed the drink and accidentally downed the whole toe too.

    Nick Griffiths lost 3 toes to frostbite after attempting the ultra-marathon in the Canadian Arctic - weather conditions there were described as extremely tough. The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada has been quietly serving alcoholic drinks with severed toes in the bottom since The bar uses actual, real-life human toes, which have been dehydrated and preserved in salt.

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    Nick Griffiths with daughters Hannah, 16 left and Amy, 24 right - who he hopes will join him in his toe-drinking exploits. They read you a ritual poem beforehand and you get a certificate afterwards. Nick had trained for more than a year to enter the marathon, which involves dragging a sledge and covering at least 40 miles per day over eight days.