The “Law of Attraction” and The “Subconscious Mind”

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Our mind is a powerful thing. And when that background part is somehow misaligned, we get in trouble.

Yes, it will gladly take commands from the conscious part, but only as long as it agrees with the logic behind them. Not gonna happen. And it may even break the machine in the process, if you insist on giving the same command before you fix the background processes making the gap between the two parts of your mind even bigger and more difficult to bypass. As we already said, in order to manifest something, you need to adjust your frequency to match it.

Tell your subconscious exactly the person you are looking for as your soul mate and meditate as you would like all your other requests to the universe.

The Subconscious Mind

You have to be clear in your choice of a soul mate and ask the universe to find for you this person each time you meditate. Never stop asking.

Then imagine being married to such a person already. If you are sleeping on a king-size bed now, sleep on one side of it and pretend your soul-mate is sleeping next to you.

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Have the feeling of expectancy that your soul mate will be joining your life soon and you are making room for him or her. Your emotions play a key role in the manifestation process. If you go out shopping, buy something for your soul mate, however small it may be, like a scarf, or a hand towel.

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Make belief that your soul mate is already living with you. Make all these feelings real, and then go out and socialize as you would on your normal leisure time. Each time you socialize, have this expectancy of meeting your soul mate and each time you meet a new person, size him or her up and refer to your list of criteria which you listed down in the beginning, and check next to those criteria if this person meets your desired traits.

For anyone serious in getting the ideal soul mate of their dreams, this is one strategy you cannot ignore. The manifestation process is like the universe sieving through the masses of people to bring to you your ideal choice.

Law Of Attraction: 5 Tips To Manifest Anything Using Your Subconscious Mind! - Consciously Changing

As the likely candidates appear before you one after another, you have to make the choice of acceptance. As the subconscious cannot speak directly to you, you have to rely on instincts or six sense, because that is the subconscious way of communicating with you. The candidates will continue to appear before you until you make a conscious decision of selecting your ideal choice.

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