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Bieber, who provides context and background to many of McCoy's statements. He has written numerous books about the American West. My favorite is "Cowboy Culture," which is a look at the overall history of the cowboy lifestyle from the vaqueros of 16th-century Spanish Mexico to the riders of today. If you are into cowboys in any way, you can't go wrong with Dary's book.

Marvin Hunter Cokesbury Press, Nashville, In the early days of the 20th century, members of the Old Time Trail Drivers Association became concerned that the veterans of the cattle drive era were dying out, and everyone was asked to "write their reminiscences, incidents and adventures of the Trail for the benefit of the Association. The book, covering more than a thousand pages, can be purchased in bookstores and online, but it is also available for free online at archive.

It includes erroneous information about the founding of the Chisholm Trail, claiming the famous route was started by a cattle rancher named John Chisholm, but includes lots of fascinating firsthand accounts of life on the trail by the men who actually drove cattle up it. Dary continues, "Jack Bailey's journal is the earliest known day-by-day account by a Texas cowboy of a cattle drive from Texas to Kansas during the period just after the Civil War.

The myth of the cowboy

Bailey describes his daily activities, including trailing cattle and rounding them up after stampedes. He records the distances covered each day, the landmarks, where water was found, and the streams crossed. The guide provides a table of landmarks on the Chisholm Trail beginning at the Red River and running up to Ellsworth, Kansas, where the railroad collected cattle from stockyards in Anyone desiring to follow the trail through modern-day Oklahoma, using U. Travelers on U. The next stop is listed as "Stage Station," which I suspect is in the proximity of the Stagestand Addition in Duncan named after a stage station that once stood in that area , and the following stop is at "Rush Creek, Head of," which would be just north of Rush Springs.

After researching for decades, they self-published their book, detailing much of what they'd learned. After quarantine zones and the advancing railroad left the Chisholm Trail behind in Kansas and the Dodge City cattle market opened, the Western Trail which passed through the Altus area and up the western part of Oklahoma became the major route for cowboys to drive their herds north. Log in or subscribe to read and leave comments.

Contact Us. The poems deal with friendship, hardship, weather, hay, and hungry cows; all speak to a love and respect for the land, animals, open skies, and freedom. Amazon Review. At Live At Elko, Cowboy Poets. Burton , John D. From the back cover " From Montana and the Dakotas to the Prairies and British Columbia, this collection captures the heart of a uniquely western culture Cover art by Boots Reynolds. A great collection of classic and contemporary humorous Cowboy Poetry.

See the full index here.

30 Children's Books About Cowboys and Cowgirls

Classic Cowboy Songs by Don Edwa rds. This book of classic cowboy songs and their origins includes Don Edward 's candid autobiography, which includes many amusing and poignant tales about his life and his career. It is available in hardcover and paperback, and should be a part of any serious library of Western music a limited quantity of hard cover editions are available, and you can order an autographed copy. For this book and more music, visit Don Edward's site. This wonderful collection of about 50 classic songs, originally accompanied with a cassette tape with a selection of the songs, is now out of print.

His suggestions for further reading and listening will send you along many many happy musical trails. See our feature on this book here , which includes the complete introduction and a complete list of the songs included. You can read more about him and the recent film he co-produced, Why the Cowboy Sings , here.

Cattleman, former rodeo cowboy, singer and songwriter Glenn Ohrlin has been called a national treasure. He is profiled in Why The Cowboy Sings. This now-classic book gathers his knowledge of Western folk songs, with extensive commentary on songs. A classic of Cowboy lore, based on Katie Lee's interviews, travels, encyclopedic knowledge, and deep love of Cowboy history.

Also available from Katie Lee at www. The CD includes the complete liner notes— filled with facts, stories, and colorful background — from the original double LP record. Gardner and Billy Simon. There are scenes of horseman Billy Simon working with his cutting and show horses, and conversations with his wife, Betty, a rodeo clown, at their horse camp. Songs of the Cowboys by N. Howard "Jack" Thorp. This is a facsimile edition of N.

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Howard "Jack" Thorp's original Songs of the Cowboys. New York, C. Potter, This out-of-print book includes Thorp's original book and from the book jacket "they have given for each song a general commentary and music; sources for an individual bibliography; the texts of variations; lists of commercial recordings, field recordings, and manuscripts; and places where there has been significant discussion of the song. There is also a lexicon of cowboy words and phrases, a general bibliography, and an analytical index.

Songs of the Cowboys , compiled by N. See our feature and selections from this book here. The book has an accompanying CD with selected songs from Thorp's and expanded edition of Songs of the Cowboys, and the project includes a previously unpublished song. Thorp collected the songs for nearly 20 years, starting in the late 's. Gardner and Rex Rideout recorded the songs on vintage instruments played in the style that Thorp would have heard the songs in his time. This book is the last "revised and enlarged" version that grew from John Lomax's and editions.

It is a comprehensive anthology, and an indispensable reference book by the man who did the most to collect Cowboy songs. There are reprints of this book and copies can sometimes be found from sellers of used books. Lomax, Macmillan, New York: Lomax writes in the introduction that this book "does not purport to be an anthology of Western verse. As its title indicates, the contents of the book are limited to attempts, more or less poetic, in translating scenes connected with the life of a cowboy.

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  • The volume is in reality a by-product of my earlier collection, 'Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads. The trails are becoming dust covered or grass grown or lost underneath the farmer's furrow; but in the selections of this volume, many of them poems by courtesy, men of today and and those who are to follow, may sense, at least in some small measure, the service, the glamour, the romance of that knight-errant of the plains -- the American cowboy.

    This book is out of print, and may be available from libraries and used bookstores. Lomax and Alan Lomax.

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    First published in , this book contains the words to over songs, some with music. Chapters include "Cowboy Songs" and "Vaqueros of the Southwest. Omar Barker. White, Austin E. White was reissued in You can see the complete contents and other sample pages at Amazon.

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    5. The Cowboy and His Baby.

    Guy Logsdon is retired from the University of Tulsa, where "he was director of libraries and professor of education and American folklife Fife, Alta S. Fife, music editor Mary Jo Schwab, illustrations by J. There's a reprint available:. Ralston throughout, a lexicon of cowboy terms, a general index and an index of titles and first lines, and more. The in-depth pieces with the featured subjects shed some light on why the cowboy sings, but perhaps even more importantly, they show an authentic portrait of the people of the real West.

    Andy Adams was 16 when he left the San Antonio valley as a cowboy.

    The Cowboy and His Baby

    This classic book tells of the life of the range during the heyday of the cattle drives, in the late s. Maynard, An Old-time Cowboy, is based on the memoirs of Maynard's ten years on the open range during the s. His most recent book, Vaqueros, Cowboys, and Buckaroos , coauthored with Lawrence Clayton and Jerald Underwood, is published by the University of Texas You can read an excerpt, a detailed description of the book, and see the table of contents, and order the book at the University of Texas site here. The detailed description is also at Amazon.

    Other of Jim Hoy's books include:. You can read the Amazon review of this book here. This book can be ordered from the Kansas Livestock Association at A book of classic stories from on the premier painters of the West. The popular, lively stories of a cowboy in the trail-driving days.