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It can support reporting and analysis to help reduce losses. The user roles provide a means of grouping privileges together for granting access to a user. The retailer can modify the roles to suit their business needs. The following are the default roles set up in ReSA:. A Sales Auditor is responsible for the daily reporting of company sales, auditing, and verifying accuracy of store sales.

They are also responsible for coordinating month end closure, ensuring department deadlines are met, assisting with quarterly general ledger reconciliations, and researching unusual transactions. A Sales Auditor Manager is responsible for a team of sales auditors. They serve as the main point of contact and represent finance in meetings that involve POS register issues and sales processing procedures. An Administrator is responsible for maintaining the administrative functions of the application. They are also responsible for the sales audit system functioning such as employee maintenance and reference field maintenance.

Store day: A Store Day is the time between opening the cash registers at the start of a business day and closing the registers at the end of the day. A business day is a calendar day except for the retailers running 24x7 operations. The retailers who operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week may have their Store Day spread to more than one calendar day.

Transaction: A transaction is a record of events at a location, which may include sale, return, and exchange of items.

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The following is an illustration of the list of attributes that a transaction record may contain:. Revision: Revision is an archive of updates made to transactions. Before updating the current data in transaction tables, a snapshot of the data is maintained as revisions to historical data. This process includes the following steps:. Moving the older version to a separate version history table maintains a complete audit trail and also minimizes the amount of data held in main transaction tables.

Escheatment: Escheatment is the process of forwarding money of outstanding, non-expiring vouchers to the proper governing authorities after a defined period of time from the date of issuance. When performing escheatment, ReSA checks to determine whether there is an address for the first level of the hierarchy, the Store. If so, it checks if the state or country is defined in the Escheatment table in ReSA.

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If the state or country exists on the table, it then checks to determine whether the Store indicator for that state or country is set to yes. If so, ReSA escheats the money to that state or country.

If no state or country exists for the store, or one does but does not exist on the Escheatment table, or it does exist on the table but the Store indicator is set to no, then ReSA checks the next level, Issuer, and so on. If no matches are found after ReSA checks all four levels of the hierarchy, then the retailer claims the voucher as income.

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Full disclosure: A method of restating data by sending a negation of the entire first statement, then a second complete statement. For example, summation of the quantity of items sold in a store during a particular store day. In some enterprises, individual salespeople are highly motivated on a personal level, but suffer from low team commitment.

Fostering team awareness, accountability and trust is an ongoing process that needs to be an organizational commitment. Sales success will often be built on relationships and rapport.

Sales Audit Procedures

You must clearly demonstrate the transformation and potential to your prospects, and move them through the sales process. The messaging, tools, conversations and triggers that support this is all proof — and we think of it as evidence. Evidence can be verbal, non-verbal and written, and includes questions and conversations, sales content such as e-books, whitepapers, cheat sheets, how-to guides, presentations and pitches.

One common problem is the development of evidence for use in the sales process without input from the sales team.

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Another challenge is that once it is developed, the success and impact of different pieces of evidence is not reviewed. Understanding which pieces of evidence work, and the different decision makers that move along the sales process, is transformative. Selling is the process that fuels the success of an enterprise. But it is a dynamic process that needs the commitment of constant review and formal audit. Understanding the need to evaluate each step of the sales process, review team dynamics and consider the messages that help decision makers to make the right decision for the benefit of their business, is powerfully transformative for businesses willing to evaluate and act.

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