Moo and Baa Fireworks no:23 (Moo and Baa stories Book 1)

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Be sure to check off items as you go so you can see how much fun you had when you look back at the end of the summer. NOTE: If you need recipes and more details on any of the listed items below, google it! The List: 60 Days of Summer Fun. Cook a healthy lunch or snack and go for a picnic e. Print off black and white pictures for your child to color or paint.

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Make an art area with child safe scissors and paper scraps to practice their cutting skills. Sign your kiddo up for a toddler ballet and movement class or your year old up for an art class at Glen Echo Park. Need to cool off?

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Check your closest library for summer programs and schedules e. Check it out at brickfair. Catch a firefly and watch him glow! Make fruit flavored water and water yourselves drink water as much as you can! Staying hydrated is VERY important in the summer heat. Have family game night. Make sure the game s chosen can be enjoyed by even the youngest player!

Get a brown paper bag from the grocery store, cut it down the middle of the back and cut out holes for the neck and arms. Make a summer costume and put on a show! Stay Cool! Note: This post was first published on DCLadies. Read More…. Theme of the Month. Hint: Focus on school vocabulary this week school, lunchbox, notebook, pencils, backpack, math, science, lunch, books, paper. Hickory Dickory Dock The Mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, The mouse ran down!

Hickory Dickory Dock. Kindergarten Readiness. Mooo, Baaaa, LaLaLa…Said the Speech Therapist By Hallie Bulkin I was just having a conversation with our fabulous intern, Lauren, this morning about animals and animal sounds being such a basis of early language intervention. So why can you hear me mooing and baaing around town? There are 4 reasons! These sounds are easy for your child to make! For example, moooo can easily become move or moon while Baa can become ball and even later developing words like Banana!

Mooing and baaing leads to neighing and oinking… more sounds and more language produced! Music is a great teaching tool! Have fun mooing and baaing and finding your inner child! Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose.

Share Your Comments. How long will my child need speech therapy? By Hallie Bulkin This is one of the most popular questions I get asked and one of the hardest to answer! If the child has a variety of skills to address to close the gap before Kindergarten, I generally tell parents to expect at least 12 months of therapy, if not more.

Until next time! Hugs, Hallie Share Your Comments. The List: 60 Days of Summer Fun 1.

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  • Make your own sidewalk paint, chalk or spray. Blend a smoothie with fruit and veggies from your fridge!

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    Make lemonade and set up a lemonade stand. Make your own popsicles e. Make your own bubbles. Make your own playdough! Make letters out of playdough and practice letters and letter sounds. Make homemade pizza.

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    Make homemade ice cream. Camp out in the back yard; set up a tent! Discuss what you found. Visit the DC Zoo.

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    Ride the Carousel at Glen Echo Park. Foster a dog! I had to sneak that in here! Visit a farmers market or 2 There are many in the DC metro area! Get a large box and make a boat or pirate ship out of it! Go to a Nationals or Orioles game. Spend the day at a water park. Find child friendly locations for outdoor movie showings. Visit Wolf Trap for a variety of puppet shows and storytelling. Visit Strathmore on Thursday mornings for children friendly theatre shows.

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    Check out new books every weeks at the library. Need a bounce? Go biking. Play in a sandbox and build a sand castle. Make leis out of flowers you pick outside and have a backyard luau.

    Visit the local fire station. Take a day trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. Go on a hunt for Rocks.

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    Paint them and make a pet rock. Jekyll and Mr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole christmas! Seuss's sleep book. I really mean it! Rey's Curious George takes a train. Mooney will you please go now! Mooney, will you please go now! Pepperpot stories. Pig gets cross, and other stories. Smith's crocodile : a reading, listening and activity book for young learners of English.