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The museum "has been provided multiple opportunities to correct the unauthorized use of land outside its permitted area and it has failed to comply. The notice to vacate stands.

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Hayes said contract issues extend back to around , when a deal for aircraft parking was canceled by the state when it needed to trench across the aircraft exhibit area. From there, lease renewal entered "limbo land, " Hayes said. The state wanted to move the museum, but the chosen spot turned out to be where a Hawaii National Guard hangar was built.

The Airports Division has no other use for the paved tarmac, he said. Hayes said the state likely would be taking on the disposal of large aged aircraft such as the DC-8 if the eviction stands.

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Navy veteran Doug Gillet, 72, who flew with P-3 squadrons out of Barbers Point from to and who occasionally gives tours at the museum, said the museum planes are a dwindling reminder of passing times. Please direct all licensing questions to legal newscred. News Headlines. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. SpeakOut Issues Policy background. Letters Other viewers' letters.

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Write Us Your feedback to us. We recommend: Custom writing service Writing-Expert. VoteMatch results. This data summarizes about 1, VoteMatch quiz responses in the period through Click on the links below for excerpts on each topic, or click for a summary of Hillary Clinton's VoteMatch answers and Donald Trump's VoteMatch answers , with headlines evidencing how we concluded their answer to each question. Click on the "analysis" link to see background and details about the question. Abortion is a Woman's Unrestricted Right. Compared to , the response set has become more polarized both "strong" answers increased in percentage and more shifted towards "support".

Click for all candidates' headlines on abortion or for background information. Click for all candidates' headlines on Jobs or for background information. Comfortable with same-sex marriage. Analysis: Hillary Clinton has evolved over time to become "comfortable" with same-sex marriage strong support now; opposed in the s ; Donald Trump has more consistently supported LGBT rights , but "support" instead of "strong support", and hence never "evolved.

We strengthened the wording in to include "benefits" instead of just "rights" and we strengthened it further after to include "marriage" instead of just "benefits". Despite those strengthened wordings, the "strongly support" ratio rose each election cycle. Keep God in the public sphere. Trump is less personally religious than Clinton, but accepts the support of the "religious right" which very much exists in America today. Under this topic, Trump mostly talks about issues of "political incorrectness" like saying "Merry Xmas".

Hillary makes no attempt to reinstate the religious left , and instead focuses on church-vs-state issues. Click for all candidates' headlines on Principles and Values. Fight EPA regulatory over-reach. Analysis: This is a new question for the election cycle. Make voter registration easier. This indicates a public reaction against "voter suppression" and gerrymandering, and perhaps for campaign finance reform.

We refocused this question away from "Campaign Finance Reform" after the election and the Citizens United Supreme Court decision which removed many restrictions on campaign spending. Click for all candidates' headlines on Voting Reform , or for background information. Stricter punishment reduces crime. Clinton prefers prevention and rehabilitation Support for mandatory sentencing, the death penalty, and "Three Strikes" our previous question wordings have increased since but stayed constant after The "Black Lives Matter" movement, which arose in the run-up to the election, might be credited with slowing support for this topic.

Click for all candidates' headlines on Crime or for background information. Absolute Right To Gun Ownership. Analysis: The Gun Control issue is second in the Big Issues in terms of viewer interest, behind Abortion -- all other issues are very distantly behind. This question exemplifies the "yes-bias": people prefer answering "yes" to any question; if we correct for that bias, this question is now opposed by the majority but was not in or earlier. Our wording on this question has never changed, since -- but America's view is evolving.

Expand ObamaCare. We've changed the wording of this question from generic "health coverage" to "ObamaCare" for , but the support ratio has remained steady. Accordingly, Trump and many Repblicans have been promoting various spending programs that mimic aspects of ObamaCare without calling it ObamaCare a term repugnant to Trump. But federal health care is generally seen as a Democratic issue, favoring Clinton's fervent stance of incrementally reaching universal coverage.

Click for all candidates' headlines on Health Care or for background information. Vouchers for school choice. But education is solidly third in voter interest behind abortion and guns, as measured by our viewership statistics , so the candidates are obligated to make their views known despite the limited power of the presidency on this issue. Click for all candidates' headlines on School Choice or for background information.

Prioritize green energy. The majority agree with Clinton's stance that global warming is a serious threat , vs. We call the catch-phrase "allof-the-above energy" the Big Lie of because it really means "drill for oil and gas. Marijuana is a gateway drug. Perhaps America has evolved due to marijuana legalization efforts, but Trump has evolved in the opposite direction: favoring decriminalization in the s but taking a harder line as a candidate. Click for all candidates' headlines on Drugs or for background information. Stimulus better than market-led recovery.

Analysis: This is a new question for ; it is a defining difference between Republicans and Democrats during and after President Obama's "stimulus package" of corporate bailouts and jobs packages.

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Republicans recognize that viewers did support a federal response to the "Great Recession", so they pivot to their own definition of "stimulus": cutting taxes question below and reducing regulations question a few above. Click for all candidates' headlines on Budget and Economy or for background information. Higher taxes on the wealthy. This is the largest shift of any question on our quiz; we attribute it to 1 the harsher wording "progressive" sounds nice; "tax the wealthy" does not ; and 2 Republican success at convincing the public that cutting taxes will create jobs and economic growth.

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Click for all candidates' headlines on Tax Reform or for background information. Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

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In other words, Americans decided their immigration stance in the election, but become undecided again by Keep in mind that for all questions the bias is towards answering "yes", so an even split means, in general, that opposition is stronger than support -- and Donald Trump capitalized on that. Trump calls for tougher enforcement and a borer wall ; Clinton calls for earned citizenship plus comprehensive reforms.

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