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With a focus on excellence in corporate governance, Hunt is committed to a culture of transparency for employees, clients, investors and the communities it serves. Military Housing Hunt Military Communities. Global Public Infrastructure. Construction Services.

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Broker Dealer Brean Capital. Land Developer Hunt Communities. Property Manager. Now, the search is turning to modern technology to help capture further proof, including about 70 motion-sensitive infra-red video cameras set up across the Okuchichibu mountains. About a year ago, they recorded footage of three deer running past one of these camera.

At first it seemed little to be excited about, but on closer inspection, Yagi noticed the audio accompanying the images appears to have picked up the sound of a howl. The supposed howl of a Japanese wolf can be heard in this short clip.

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You might need to wear headphones to hear it clearly. Whereas I believe in its opposite — if it is, then it exists. And it is this disbelief in other people, its this idea to disprove their logic, that has driven me this far. Sometimes it does seem like the road is still long. Historically, the IUCN used the "year rule" to determine whether a species or subspecies is extinct, although it has now been replaced by a more nuanced species-specific approach, which requires evidence to be collected from targeted surveys across a species' range before extinction can be determined.

The reality is that for some species, which are widely tracked and extensively researched, 50 years without observation is an unnecessarily long time.

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In the most remote environments, reports from locals are some of the best data scientists can work from Credit: Getty Images. For others there might have been so few sightings of the animals in the first place it would be an arbitrarily unfair rule. Turvey warns that in the absence of definite accepted sightings in over a century, the continued survival of the Japanese wolf is unlikely, but not necessarily impossible.

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Some enthusiasts still believe that the thylacine, more commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger, still exists. One group of amateur sleuths have been using camera traps in the southern Tasmanian forests to find evidence of its existence, and in released a video purporting to show the animal , although the quality of the recording is anything but conclusive.

Perhaps the most famous example of which is the coelacanth, a species of fish that has remained unchanged for millions of years and until was only known from fossil records before a living example was found off the South African coast. There are thought to only be a few hundred coelacanths left in the world. But their natural habitat, in deep waters may explain why they remained undetected for so long.


Smaller than you might imagine, the Japanese subspecies was similar in size and colouration to the living Mongolian or Tibetan wolf Credit: Hiroshi Yagi. One sure way to put to bed the debate about whether the Japanese wolf really is still roaming wild in the mountains of Chichibu would be to obtain DNA evidence. This, far more than any number of photographs and recordings, could conclusively prove that the sightings are of wolves rather than domesticated dogs turned wild.

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  • But there is another possibility. Wolves are able to successfully breed with domesticated dogs and produce fertile offspring, so there is a chance the population survived beyond the date of their presumed extinction by hybridising with local pets.

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