Getting Reel: A Social Science Perspective

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Please pick wisely. You can also use the link to the social science reviews of films on my web site the link I previously sent you , but I think everyone will be happier if you find much more recent films that our class members are likely to care about.

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GSHU For more suggested sources, go to the tabs at the top of the page. Academic Search Complete Provides full text coverage to nearly 9, journals, including over 7, peer-reviewed titles in the social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural studies, education and more.

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Full-text coverage dates back to and is updated daily. It contains over 3.

Journal coverage, which spans from the s to the present, includes international material selected from around 2, periodicals in dozens of languages. The more he learns, the harder it becomes for Kinsey to master the field.


Responding to an observation Clara makes on gall wasps, Kinsey muses that Clara can sum up Darwin and the Book of Genesis in a single phrase. In fact, her ability to keep science in perspective makes her a splendid foil to Kinsey, whose rationalist approach gives him the blinders necessary to push as deeply as he does into the human behavioral aspects of sexuality.

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Concise treatment is given to the congressional hearings during which Kinsey is hung out to dry by a key source of funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Condon also offers a passing mention of then-FBI director J. A lesser movie would have latched onto this melodrama, whereas Condon simply employs it in the scaffold that supports the more important story—that of a nebbishy academic from a repressed background who follows his boundless curiosity into the most restricted realm of human behavior. Condon, in fact, provokes them directly with the English actor Tim Curry—of all people—playing of a priggish American sex education professor at Indiana who advises that abstinence is the appropriate antidote to syphilis.

Much of the criticism leveled at Kinsey has been directed at his scientific approach to studying sex that some blame for destroying morality and blanketing Western culture with promiscuity. One of the most difficult to watch is a scene in which Kinsey and an assistant interview a man who relates pedophilic experiences.

The assistant leaves the room disgusted as Kinsey continues the interview, although with a stern condemnation of sex between adults and children or any sexual behavior that is harmful to any participant. This judgment, it must be said, is a major crux in any study of Alfred C.

Getting Reel : A Social Science Perspective on Film (2006, Paperback)

The truth is that there is an awful lot of judgment wrapped up with the consideration of sex—some behavior should surely be deemed criminal, for example, but where are the lines to be drawn? And then there is love, which is of course inextricably involved with human sexuality. These considerations are outside the purview of scientific research.