Dexter: Ética y estética de un asesino en serie (Spanish Edition)

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Born in in Liverpool, England, he graduated in cultural anthropology and is the head of the Harvard Sensorial Ethnography Lab. El pretexto del film es sencillo. A trawler boat follows its routine: it throws its trawls, drags them, brings up to the deck whatever they catch on its way, divides, discards or selects, and chops up the merchandise. It seems as if they knew the secret of how to invoke nature and get it to play for them what might be the features it would show on a hypothetical Judgement Day.

Years before he started sending his sixteen bomb-letters between and , in he moved to an isolated cabin with no power or running water in Lincoln, Montana. The voice bursts in while we contemplate a magnificent shot of a cabin in the mountains. Stemple Pass is made of four shots, each one lasting thirty minutes, and all with the same point of view. Each shot corresponds to a season. In its own way, Stemple Pass is an enthralling political thriller. La historia es la de dos vampiras intentando encajar en el mundo de hoy. El antagonista en esta historia: el siglo XXI.

El resultado: ganan los buenos. The outcome: the good guys win. Y su padre desaparece sin la posibilidad de ratificar o rectificar ese rumor. Leandro Listorti A film shooting can trigger all sorts of situations that are out of the ordinary. In the case of young Lukas, not only the town where he lives is altered by the arrival of a film crew: he also receives the news that he might be the son of a being that is half man, half horse.

And his father disappears, without giving him a chance to confirm or deny that rumor.

Manual Dexter: Ética y estética de un asesino en serie (Spanish Edition)

As everything around him starts to get growingly strange, together with a friend Lukas will try to reveal the mystery that links him to the mythical tikbalang. El hada va. El tiempo se dobla, se pliega. Eso, juego. The fairy goes.

And lots of things happen, like the fairy being the 21st century and Gertrude Stein being Paris in the early 20th. Time bends, folds.

El Tragaluz: Antonio Buero Vallejo

Appearances can actually be accurate. And play it is. Lunch with Gertrude Stein is a short and compact sample of how imagination can play with cinema and its elements. Vers Madrid - The Burning Bright! Born in Vaulx-en-Velin, France, in , he studied Philosophy and was a social worker. But two years after the events and ten years since the Argentine , which shares several common features , it is amazing to witness how that material can turn into something else, even despite of itself.

A historical event that allows us to analyze with more information, contextualize, and maybe even understand something about modern societies, and where they are heading to. He was born in Raleigh, USA, in The encounter of these characters results in a conflict that will end up creating a friendship based on the past and present of a country that is plagued with misery, oblivion, and sadness.

Citadel es su primer largometraje. A Filmmaking graduate from the Dun Laoghaire National Film School in Ireland, he directed several short films, including The Puppet and The Faeries of Blackheath Woods , screened in over 40 international festivals and winner of nine awards. Citadel is his first feature film.

La infancia de los asesinos seriales

Marcelo Panozzo In Prince of Darkness, John Carpenter knew how to bottle pure evil inside a transparent cylinder that showed a green color. But this poor man is not left alone: he has a newly born daughter to take care of, and the hand that rocks that cradle is, of course, a black one. The old —and horror-wise effective— doubts about whether that liquid you can smell, touch, and see is actually the color of hope or rather evil itself. Born in Milan, Italy, in , he studied Art and Filmmaking.

Marcelo Panozzo Giovanni Maderna and Mauro Santini play with cinema, with life itself, with landscapes, history, and genres —and they play wonderfully. Carmela, salvata dai filibustieri is a remarkable film with unique grace and freedom, filled with echoes and findings, and both bold and kind. Here, the one who escapes from all those buccaneers is cinema itself.

He was born in Fano, Italy, in He studied Art and, since , directed a series of video-journals that were screened in many festivals. He also directed Flor da baixa He directed several short films and TV shows, as well as the feature-length films Matando cabos and Sultanes del sur Hay que aniquilar a los zombies.

Lucía Loureiro-Porto

Zombies must be annihilated. Must zombies be annihilated? How the world, or at least Mexico, would be without zombies? These and other key questions are posed in this corrosive film that throws darts at politics, traditions, and show business. And it does so in a spectacular way, laughing at everything and everyone. Including itself. Lomas de Chapultepec, Del.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in , he studied Biology and Filmmaking in that city. Es el amanecer de un 14 de junio cualquiera. Las estaciones de subte abren sus puertas y de su interior brota mansamente una turba de gente que camina dando tumbos por las calles de Lisboa. Un joven se desploma a los pies de la estatua del santo lisboeta.

The subway stations open their doors and a mob slowly comes out from them, stumbling across the streets of Lisbon. Some of them collapse as they get struck by the morning sun; others separate from the group and continue on their own; some of them bent over and furiously throw up… We could be witnessing the advance of a zombie horde.

Or a procession of lost souls that head for heaven and leave behind a symphony of car alarms.

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But no, this bunch of haggard people —always about to be run over by a vehicle— are simply the wreckage that remains after a night of celebrating with excess the feast of Saint Anthony, patron of Lisbon. A young man collapses at the foot of the holy Lisboan. Una mujer los cuida sin ocultar su desgana. Fran Gayo When Gustav Holst wrote the suite The Planets almost a century ago, he did it while convinced of the existence of a musical harmony between the Earth and all the different planets, in a tone game as decisive as it was imperceptible for the human eye.

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Maybe the fact that Sandro Aguilar introduces two movements of this piece in his latest film can shed some light on the particularly enigmatic short film he made, even in the context of a filmography as unknown as his. Two kids play in a lab. A woman takes care of them unwillingly. But this and other details that make for a possible plot —a game of deceit, absence, and seized spaces— are minimum against the real core of the film: that unstoppable harmony of elements that moves forward by erasing the little human and anecdotic drama.

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in He also directed O que arde cura The Portuguese duet celebrates the 15th anniversary of their joint endeavors with a film in which empire and colony are shown just as deeply-rooted and indivisible as trash and high culture.

The search for that mysterious woman out of a few fragments a shoe left on the asphalt, a wig floating on the sea turns this highly densely populated city into a labyrinth of streets and people where the shadow of death lurks in every corner. Between neon lights and a melancholic voice over, The Last Time… is a thriller that cross-dresses with documentary clothing. Or, on the contrary, a travelogue disguised as a mystery film.

He received the first Derek Jarman Award in Y, como puente entre el ayer y el ahora, los informes escritos por Thompson a partir de su experiencia docente. On one side, current footage shot by filmmaker Peter Hutton featuring the West Riding in Yorkshire, where the historian carried on his work for decades.

Bloody Daughter es su primer largometraje.