Das Leben draußen (German Edition)

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It is a famous hit by now, both because of its catchy beat and because of its cheerful topic. Cro, a German musician, producer and designer from Mutlangen famous for his panda mask, sings about the wonders of falling in love, wanting to see the world with your loved one and hoping they feel the same for you. A colourful theme to make us feel alive! Literally: Usain Bolt is the name of a Jamaican sprinter and Olympic athlete who is considered by many to be the best of all time.

He has since retired, but holds several world records! Berliner singer and rapper Teesy is not about to let you criticize his dreams anymore! Regardless of what people say, he is living life as he wishes and keeps pursuing his goals. A useful message for a day in which you need motivation!

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The land of mountains also has a lot to offer musically. After all, why should great music exclude having a sense of humour? His videos are controversial and sometimes even disturbing, but always intense and provocative. The result is a unique hit! Sometimes we get caught up in the cycle of wanting more, getting more and feeling unsatisfied all over again.

In our opinion, this alternative rock band from Bautzen still has a lot to give…so keep an eye on them! Directly from Stuttgart, German musician Max Herre joins forces with Cro and Clueso, who are also German artists, to tell us about how being in love can be simple, light on our shoulders and so joyful that it feels like flying. Listening to this tune, we can almost picture ourselves in a cool party, all well-dressed, enjoying a drink and having a good time! The German pop singer from Munich is living and studying in Berlin, and like many others she can sometimes be overwhelmed by the urban lifestyle.

When she feels numb, overwhelmed, stressed or in need of warmth, music is her refuge.

ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (German translation)

Can you relate? Literally: Once you listen to the lyrics, you will understand why Namika had to spell her name for you! Namika, given name Hanan Hamdi, has earned her spot as a solid name in German pop and rap music. Born in Frankfurt, she is of Moroccan heritage and often mentions it in her songs.

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The vibes are uplifting, provocative and fun! We advise you to create your very own German playlists yes, plural! You can be creative with your playlists — divide them by music genre, by topic, by level of difficulty or mood! And you? What are your favorite hits in German and what songs do you enjoy partying to? Before your eyes the stars Teach you, who shall never become their equal. Of the eternally living, however. Whence joy flows, and song, One came, a son, valiantly calm. And now we behold him. Knowing his father, now That, to hold his celebration.

The high Spirit of the World Has descended toward us.

English translation of 'draußen'

Too great he was to be the lord of ages; Too far his realm to be ever exhausted. Even so, one day a god may choose labor To be like the mortals, sharing their fate. For it is decreed that all shall recognize each other. And language hold sway once silence has returned. Yet where the Spirit liveth we venture forth. Contending for the best. Thus I judge it best —When the painter has at last achieved his likeness And stepped, masterful, from his workshop, lord of love only— That equity reign All the way from earth to heaven.

Man has experienced much since the dawn. Ever since speech began, and mutual notice; But song follows apace. And the vision of time, divinely unfolding. Sign of the Spirit, lies before us, bonds of aUiance Fastening his might to the powers of nature. Not him alone, but the unborn generations This token proves: just as in plants Mother Earth, and air, and light will join together.

Yet as a final token, O holy powers, This very day of celebration testifies For you, a mark of love. You, unforgettable one, at time's decline, Our celebration's youthful prince. No sooner wiU This race lie down imtil You, promised ones, each single one Of you, immortal beings, to pronounce Your heaven's bounties, have arrived In our house. Fragrant breezes Are your herald.

The steaming downs announce you And the ground, still resounding with tempests. Now the cheek is refreshed with hope And in front of the opened bouse The mother sits with her child. Regarding this utter peace. And fewer seem the agonies. A harbinger has caught the soul, A promise sent, of golden light. Keeping the aged from dying. Well wrought from above are The savors of life. And labors banned. For all is pleasing now, But most of all Simphcity: for the vainly sought.

The golden fruit. You grieved, O Mother, like The Honess when. Nature, You lost your children. Too eagerly loving, you suffered their loss.


When robbed of them by a foe Whom you almost took for your own son, A satyr mingling with gods. Thus you did much of your building And buried many a thing.

Danke schön

For you are hated by those whom You, powerful beyond time. Had drawn forth into hght. Now you know and, knowing, relax: For gladly rests down below. So it may ripen, the anxiously caring world.

Draußen [Out There] (English translation)

Denn feme kommend haben Hieher, zur Abendstunde, Sich liebende Gaste beschieden. Nichts vor dir, [ Nur Fines weiss ich, Sterbliches bist du nicht. Ein Weiser mag mir manches erhellen; wo aber Ein Gott auch noch erscheint, Da ist doch andere Klarheit. Das ist, sie horen das Werk, Langst vorbereitend, von Morgen nach Abend, jetzt erst, Denn un- ermesslich brausst, in der Tief e verhallend, Des Donnerers Echo, das tausendjahrige Wetter, Zu schlaf en, iibertont von Friedens- lauten, hinunter. Und manchen mocht' ich laden, aber o du, Der freundlichemst den Menschen zugethan, Dort unter syrischer Pahne, Wo nahe lag die Stadt, am Brunnen geme war; Das Komf eld rauschte rings, still athmete die Kiihlung Vom Schatten des geweihetenGebirges; I Und die lieben Freunde, das treue Gewolk, Umschatteten dich auch, damit der heiligkiihne Durch Wildniss mild dein Straal zu Menschen kam, o JiinglingI Ach' aber dunkler umschattete, mit- ten im Wort, dich I Furchtbarentscheidend ein todtlich Verhang- nis.

So ist schnell Verganglich alles Himmlische; aber umsonst nicht; Denn schonend riihrt des Maases allzeit kundig Nur einen Augenblick die Wohnimgen der Menschen Ein Gott an, imver- selm, und keiner weiss es, wenn? Auch dart alsdann das Freche driiber gehn Und kommen muss zum heilgen Ort das Wilde Von Enden fern, iibt rauhbetastend den Wahn, Und trif t daran ein Schicksal, aber Dank, Nie folgt der gleich hemach dem gott- gegebenen Geschenke; I Tiefpriif end ist es zu f assen. Des Gottlichen aber empfiengen wir Doch viel. Und es lehret Gestim dich, das Vor Augen dir ist, doch nimnier kannst du ihm gleichen.

Denn langst war der zum Herm der Zeit zu gross Und weit aus reichte sein Feld; wann hats ihn aber erschopfet? Einmal mag aber ein Gott auch Tagewerk erwahlen, Gleich sterblichen und theilen alles Schicksal. Schicksalgesetz ist diss, dass alle sich erfahren, Dass, wenn die Stille kehrt, auch eine Sprache sei.

I Wo aber wirkt der Geist, sind auch wir mit, und streiten, Was wohl das Beste sei.

So diinkt mir jezt das Beste, Wenn nun vollendet sein Bild und fertig ist der Meister, Und selbst ver- klart davon aus seiner Werkstatt tritt, Der stille Gott der Zeit und nur der Liebe Gesez Das schonausgleichende gilt von hier an bis zum Himmel. Und das Zeitbild, das der grosse Geist entfaltet, Ein Zeichen liegts vor uns, das zwischen ihm und andem Ein Biindnis zwi- schen ihm und andem Machten ist.

Nicht er allein, die Uner- zeugten, Ew'gen Sind kennbar alle daran, gleichwie auch an den Pflanzen Zulezt ist aber doch, ihr heiligen Machte, fiir euch Das Liebeszeichen, das Zeugnis Dass ihrs noch seiet, der Festtag.