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This long out-of-print CD compilation might be a point of interest to completists, but its value to anyone else has pretty much been shot down to nothing thanks to Renascent's reissuing campaign of the band's entire catalog.

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Walk at a fairly brisk pace of 3 mph to get health benefits from walking. The piezoelectric models that "work at any angle" cost more but may be more accurate and easier to use.

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Some sources trace the history of the pedometer back to sketches made by Leonardo da Vinci. The Swiss watchmakers who invented the self-winding watch are credited with coming up with the basic, motion-sensitive mechanism inside. Pedometers were first used to promote physical activity on a large-scale basis in the mids in Japan. Walking clubs had sprung up in the country, and a company there began making a pedometer it called Manpo-kei , which means "10, steps meter.

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Pedometers have been the subject of literally hundreds of journal articles and commentaries. Much of the research has focused on the pedometer as motivator and, by and large, the findings indicate that it is. In , Stanford researchers took the bird's-eye view, gathered up 26 different studies and summarized the results in a paper published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Other research has shown that exercise advice given to patients by doctors might be more effective if a pedometer were part of the prescription and that pedometers can be part of a successful program to encourage low-income mothers to exercise.

Not every study has been quite so positive. A British review of interventions to promote walking published the same year as the Stanford review noted that the effect of the pedometer on walking may wane as time goes on — a problem seen with many exercise programs. Norwegian investigators reported findings in that found no difference in results for people who wore a pedometer, and those who were instead counseled to increase the amount of time they walked each day.

Their argument: it may not be pedometers per se that get people walking so much as regular counseling and having a goal.

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That's actually quite consistent with something the Stanford researchers discovered: the three pedometer studies that did not include a step goal showed no significant improvement in physical activity. Few of these studies explored in any depth why pedometers are good motivators.

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  • be counting (down) the minutes/hours/days.
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One hunch: a pedometer puts a number to our physical activity efforts, and most of us respond to the concreteness of numbers, especially when it comes to exercise. Runners count miles, and swimmers, laps — and now walkers, with the help of pedometers, their steps. Some experts invoke the self-efficacy theory as an explanation. In simplified terms, self-efficacy means having confidence that you can perform a task that's set before you.

What we're asked to do when we wear a pedometer is to take more steps — not a daunting prospect for the average person. Walking 10, steps a day may seem like a lot but it is within reach given that many of us already take between 6, and 7, steps daily. Put another way, those additional 3, to 4, steps add up to about a mile and a half, a distance most of us can cover in about 30 minutes.

In busy lives, that's not an inconsiderable amount of time, but we can find it, especially when you consider the exercise guidelines that say we can divide up that 30 minutes into minute chunks and still get health benefits. The average stride is about two-and-a-half feet long, although it might be a bit shorter for women, on average, than men because they tend to have shorter legs. So if you have an average stride and you take 2, steps , you will have walked the equivalent of about a mile 5, feet, compared with 5, in a mile. And if you hit the 10, steps-a-day mark, you will have walked the equivalent of nearly five miles 25, feet, compared with the 26, in five miles.

But with occasions given over to UN days, many argue that the calendar is way too crowded a comprehensive list is hard to compile as days instituted by other groups are also recognised by the UN. The benefit of so much activity, and the costs, are hard to quantify, particularly as third parties bear some of the burden.

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Using the internet and social-media means that promoting days can be relatively easy. Too much recognition of targets for action or achievements may make it tough to distinguish the worthy from the frivolous. In the first four decades of its existence the UN added 25 days to the list.