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I am not sure why as I follow the recipe exactly and use the correct chiffon tin as well. Can you think of any reason why they keep falling out of the tin before its fully cooled?

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Hi Wendy! Have you checked your REAL oven temperature? Not the display temperature but the real temp inside the oven. You may want to check it. Once its cooled completely I cut it open and everything looks, feels and tastes fine. Hi Connie! First of all, I do not recommend using NON-stick cake pan to make chiffon cake.

The purpose is for the batter to climb up but NON-stick makes it too slippery. In Japan we do not use chiffon cake pans that are non-stick. Some readers tried it with round cake pan and they said it worked. If you would like to make a really good chiffon cake, I still recommend using the right pan especially you take time to make it. My chiffon cake deflated slightly before I time was up short of 4mins so I quickly took it out.

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I think it sounds like your egg whites were not beaten enough or over-beaten so the batter could not keep the structure. Your tips are very helpful! The cake is always very flat and at first was dense and rubbery. I decided maybe I was overbeating the eggs so I deliberately stopped sooner this time, but the cake was still flat although not rubbery. But it has large air holes throughout. Did I go from one extreme to the other? Hi Vanessa! Also, your oven temperature may not be optimal. You can replace matcha with cocoa powder in my match chiffon cake? I think a few people have tried it with a successful result and left a comment in the post and on social media.

My friend will be visiting Japan in a few weeks, and she is willing to buy me a pan if she can find one! Also, how much should we expect it to cost? Thank you for any information you can give me :.

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My suggestion is to either buy online and ship to the hotel or wherever she stays, or go to a kitchen tool store near where she is. Otherwise, department store kitchen floor is an easy fast choice 6 or 7F floor usually, but slightly expensive for convenience or TokyuHands. Thank you for responding so quickly and for all of the information!! It looks like she will be staying in Shinjuku! Even though I really want the chiffon cake pan from Asai Shoten, I also want my friend to enjoy her stay in Japan to the fullest.

Hi Krystine! There is a store called Tomiz at 8th floor. You can find a chiffon cake pan there. Hi Gwen! I would like to suggest to check if the inside is cooked through by inserting a skewer BEFORE taking out the cake from the oven. I have tried to make Chiffoncake many times now-exactely as you say and exactely by the recipe, but everytime I take it out of the owen it drops down several centimeters.

Hi Annelie! From what you wrote, I think the cake structure has some issue.

If the cake is not cooked through and collapse, it could be oven temperature actual temperature inside or your oven requires more baking time. Over-beaten or under-beaten egg whites can be the reason. Another one is the way you pour the batter into the cake pan.

Make sure not to include any air pockets. Try to take each step slowly and completely, so you can scratch out the possible cause. Hope you will get the perfect cake next time! I would like to make a chocolate chiffon cake. Hi Laura! If you add cocoa powder, you will need to remove some of the cake flour. Hi…my chiffon cskes top portion is very sticky asbin the top part sticks to my hand. Plz advise. I followed your recipe to a T and it came out perfect! At what temperature should it be?

Hi Kris! In Japan, to make meringue, egg whites are not at room temperature and always chilled.

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  • We also do not use cream of tartar I never seen it in store, but I saw it sold online. I think the chilled egg white trick came from European baking trick as most of western baking in Japan is influenced by European desserts and not American.

    The Dirty Secret of ‘Secret Family Recipes’

    In fact, some of JOC readers in Europe once told me they do use chilled egg whites, when I asked a question about chilled vs room temp. The egg white temperature is cold, often recommended to put in a freezer but not frozen while prepping. So the edges of egg whites gets frosty but inside is still liquid kinda stage. Hi again Nami sama! Thank you for the reply!

    I know, I found it interesting too, when I first came to the US and saw American recipes requesting the complete opposite way. I remember it was talking about the difference in the fineness of the texture of beaten egg whites. Your recipes are well detailed and easy to follow. Dear Nami, I finally succeeded after my second try. However, i find my cake a little too moist and perhaps even chewy? Do you have any idea why? Hi Ode! Hmm… how moist was it? I would be happy if my cake is moist but not wet, of course.

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    Also what do you mean by chewy? If there is a picture, it helps a little to imagine…. Hii i have made chiffon cake more than 30 times. I do all the steps correctly but my cake always sinks while in the oven after rising!! I make sure my egg whites fold over with a stiff peak.

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    I fold it properly.. Hi Rachel! If your batter is made correctly, as you said, the first thing I thought was your oven temp. It may be higher than what you set up. Maybe heat source is too close to the cake pan? Structure inside is the issue I think.