30 Ways to Reduce Stress

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Sit in Sukhasan lotus pose or lay down in a quiet place. Breathe in slow and deep, hold and then breathe out slowly. Do it as long as you are comfortable doing it. Your mind gets relieved of all the anxious thoughts. Sometimes you simply need that one person who can listen to all your doubts, worries and never judge you. If you have someone whom you can confide to, then talk to him.

How to reduce stress naturally : 30 ways to calm your mind

Most of the times you find a solution to the problem. Yoga and Pranayam increase the sense of well being, fights stress and thus lowers the risk of depression. Write everything. Pour your heart out. This way you transfer your negative emotions to the paper. Now tear it apart and feel the lightness.

14. Write it all down

This has worked for many. When stress gives throbbing headache or a feeling of tight pressure around the head, give yourself oil massage. Take any natural stress-buster oil and give a pampering, slow and soft head massage. Press all the trigger points on the head with hands or perhaps a small massage wand.

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There are few pressure points in our body which help in relieving the anxiety. One must try them to release the pressure of mind and to calm it down. Study says that the pressure points give immediate relief from anxiety. Your mind needs to change the focus at that moment. Get up, go out or just change the place where you were. Mealtimes are not to be rushed. Psychologists say that if a person eats very fast or in haphazard manner, that means he is tensed. Food changes mood. Then why not try with your favorite ones? Cook them or go out to eat.

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It amazingly reduces stress and will calm your mind. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is a great stress buster. It has antioxidants to reduce stress hormones and calm your mind. So grab that bar of chocolate and devour keeping in mind the fat content of course.

50 Ways to Manage Stress and Reduce It

When your mind is saying nothing good is happening with me, you are telling your mind how many reasons you have to be happy for. Affirmations have the power to rewire your brain. Social comparison is one of the prime reasons for stress. Disconnecting from social media accounts for a while will help you a lot. So Log Out from Facebook, Twitter, Insta or disable the internet connection for a few hours and promise yourself that you are not going to touch the phone for that period.

30 Easy Ways to Fight Stress | Best Life

For many of us, meditation seems very tough. In that case, listen to a guided meditation. Follow the process. You can also listen to Vedic hymns, mantras or the chant of Om. These chants create positive vibrations all over and have a super calming effect not only on our mind but also on the soul.

I have created this Om chants video. It will not only reduce stress but also help in sound sleep. If you try to force all your thoughts to change into positive, you will feel more stressed. The more it comes naturally, the better it is for you. The thoughts are like clouds. They cannot stay. Give them time to fade away naturally. The more you try to suppress your thoughts, the more violently it will retaliate.

As soon as you take the realistic approach , your thoughts will channelize to a better direction. Your mind has now shifted attention from the effects of the problem to the cause and solution of the problem. Again as easy as it is to read. Concentrate on your facial expression and try relaxing your forehead. Believe it or not, these expressions send the brain a signal that something is not right and the brain gets stressed.

Exercises for Stress Reduction & Deep Relaxation - Part 1 of 4 - Introduction

First of all, crying is not a sign of weakness. So if you feel like crying, then let it all out and unburden yourself. By letting out tears you will feel much better and light. People tend to hide their mental problems. Additionally, his blog β€” FrankSonnenbergOnline β€” has attracted millions of readers on the Internet. All rights reserved. I like that idea of cutting yourself slack where you are aware of your limitations. Remembering that would probably really help lower my stress.

You just got to figure out what works for you. There are many things you can do to lower stress. The key is to find the things that work best for you. Well said Frank, the important is how to handle the stress. Focusing on the solution and transform stress as a challenge. Stress damaging our cell, eating healthy food and exercising are the best way to promotes happy hormones. Great point. Stress is debilitating. Food, exercise, and mindfulness are wonderful ways to promote health. Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Time is your most valuable asset. Live within your means. Debt is a significant source of stress. Ask yourself whether buying something new, on credit, is worth the added pressure. Know your limits. Cut yourself some slack. Get it right.

1. Coloring

Do things right the first time to avoid having to redo them later. Remember, problems are best addressed before they arise. Be open to feedback.